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Robert Capa 'The Falling Soldier' Life 12th July 1937

Robert Capa 'The Falling Soldier' Life 12th July 1937

An original copy of Life Magazine which includes an article entitled 'Death In Spain: The Civil War has Taken 500,00 Lives In One Year'. This is accompanied by Robert Capa's most iconic and infamous image of his photographic career, titled 'Death of a Loyalist' or 'The Falling Soldier'.

On 5th September 1936, Capa and Taro were in Cerro Muriano, near Cordoba. Men of the Confederacion Nacional Del Trabajo (CNT) posed on an exposed hillside for Capa's camera. Richard Whelan believes that the men where fired on by an insurgent machine gun, resulting in Capa's photograph of the death of the Loyalist believed to be Federico Borrell Garcia.

The falling soldier photograph is captioned "ROBERT CAPA'S CAMERA CATCHES A SPANISH SOLDIER THE INSTANT HE IS DROPPED BY A BULLET THROUGH THE HEAD IN FRONT OF CORDOBA." This powerful image has it's own controversies attached to it, with questions as to it's authenticity. Capa, in his words, justifies his cause;

"No tricks are necessary to take pictures in Spain. You don't have to pose your camera. The pictures are there, and you just take them. The truth is the best picture, the best propaganda."


The photograph had previously been published in the French magazine Vu, and this was the first time it had been seen in the United States.

The magazine also includes four pages of stills from the film 'The Spanish Earth' by John Ferno and Joris Ivens, the captions were written by Ernest Hemingway.


The magazine is complete and original and in very good condition.

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