Robert Capa The Forgotten Army Picture Post 15th April 1939

This is an original copy of Picture Post featuring an article "Spain's Forgotten Army", accompanied by 24 of Robert Capa's photographs.

Capa was in London when news was received that the French Government had allowed the remains of the Spanish Republican Army to cross the border.  Around 200,000 men were allowed to cross,  and 75,000 interned in a camp on the beach at Argles-Sur-Mer.  Capa was despatched by Picture Post to record the story.

The French were not prepared for this influx and the camp had no accommodation.  Capa recorded the makeshift tents and shelters erected by the men in the camp that Capa described as, "Hell On Earth."  No visitors were allowed and he photographed the Loyalist soldiers communicating with people through the fence, some desperately seeking news of families and friends left behind in Spain.